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Tip Tuesday: You can't do all the things.

Honestly, if I took the advice of every business guru on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, I'd be doing all the things. I'd be buying Facebook ads, sponsoring Instagram posts, recording videos, creating funnels galore, creating email lists, developing webinars and e-courses, writing ebooks and checklists, launching private Facebook groups, devising hundreds of landing pages, and so on. And all of those things are fine, but you can't do everything at the same time. Who has the time or the energy to be on everything if you actually trying to help your clients? One thing that I've noticed is that those who are excelling in these online spaces are executing a few things extremely well. They've found their niche and they are working it. Today's tip: You can't do all the things, friends--and you shouldn't do all the things. Write well. Figure out where your people are and connect with them. Don't follow everyone because you will be acting like a chicken without a head and getting absolutely nothing done.

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