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Motivational Monday

When I started this business in November 2017, two years ago, I was scared. I mean, I had been working in corporate for 17 years and didn't have any entrepreneurial experience.

All I knew was that I had no interest in going back to corporate at that point.

As my friends heard about my decision, most of them were supportive. They were excited for me and wanted to hear all about my big ideas, but some questioned my decision.

"But...but..what if you fail?"

But what if I fly? Some people won't see your vision. They won't understand how you can give up the security and stability of a 9-to-5 job with a huge corporation.

I get it because that was me. I couldn't understand how some of my friends ran their own small businesses or worked on contracts.

But those who said, "but what makes *you* think *your* business will succeed? Everyone is doing what you do."

Excuse me?

No one can do it like me because no one is me. No, I don't want to sell insurance or financial packages--'nuff people are doing that as well. No, I'm not selling as part of an MLM--if you do, more power to you, but that isn't me.

I want to fly under my own power. Create a business and brand that's totally me with my flavour. I want to create an environment where I flourished and could grow. I wanted the flexibility to manage my crazy life and still provide for my family.

And I'll do it because no one has my story and no one can do it like me.

Two years and I'm still doing my thing--dealing with the ups and the downs.

Happy anniversary to me!

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