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Mojito Mondays: I have the travel bug!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Earlier this year, the family and I went to Barbados to celebrate my mom’s birthday. My husband and my family are from Barbados, so we have lots of ties to the island. Although I have the heat that I’m craving—this summer in Toronto has been spectacular if you like hot--I am still missing island life and the beauty of having no real deadlines or duties.

It’s lovely to wake up and say, “what should we do today?”

Instead of listing off all the responsibilities you have to complete before 10 am.

If I could shake off all of my responsibilities and head straight to the airport, passport in hand, where would I go? Direct flight to the Polynesian Islands, Tahiti to be exact, to relax in a hut on the water. Just me, hubby, and Netflix.

Sorry, the kids would be with their grandparents.

So, my communications tribe, if you could go anywhere in the world—money and time were no object--where would you head to?

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1 Comment

Mar 01

I would head to Panama.

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